Blue and white spa entrance glass doors


Majorelle, a distinctly Moroccan blue found in the traditional tiles, windows, and doorways of Marrakesh, evokes a sense of active tranquility. Its deep hue soothes and enlivens, while the rich indigo pigment inspires intense revitalization. Majorelle invites you to discover the sublimity of one-of-a-kind spa treatments tailored to your personalized expression—an essential luxury along the path to wellness.

white and blue couches inside spa

Services & Amenities

Discover an authentic and highly personalized connection to impeccable service. Majorelle offers signature experiences, body treatments, massages, and skin and nail care customized to meet your specific needs and preferences. Spa amenities include:

  • Couples Suite
  • Women and Men’s Steam Room
  • Salon
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lounge
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